I played bowling with my best friend, best score ever!

I played bowling with my best friend, best score ever!

Fuck you Tumblr and your inability to understand how lists work. I give up!

I had one last night too…

So, I’m having this new weekly thing, that is called Friday Music (FM), in witch every Friday I will upload archive with the songs I’ve been listening the most that week. For now they will be 4 to 7 and mostly pop-punk-rock. Some of them will be new, some will be new for me and some rediscovered…

OK, lets see how it’ll go…

You are free to delete my rant and use/reblog the photoset

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How about that

So, I have 5.00(B) on this math exam for Sofia University and I really don’t know if it’s enough to get me in the major I want or not. Which sucks!

Update me?

Not that you asked, but here’s a bullet update on my life…

  • I’m listening to Scorpions right now
  • I’m kind of sick
  • Next month I’m going to the National IT Olympiad
  • …so till then I’m supposedly staying home and studying for the test
  • …which is surprisingly hard
  • Also in this time:
  • I’m watching One Tree Hill and I’m loving it, there will be posts about it
  • Progress: Season 3 Episode 9
  • I’m back on the film challenge, I’ve watched about 30 more films that I haven’t written about
  • I will update my goodreads account 
  • Will maybe start using again
  • My other blogs are back on:
  • I’ve just rebloged  some photos at Shutter
  • The Blender and This quote will most likely be updated tomorrow
  • …and my hard disk desperately needs cleaning
  • Oh, and I’m on Pottermore and have no idea what to do
  • I believe that’s all (I’m not really sure)
  • …it’ll be awesome if I actually do all this stuff
  •  There might be a T-shirt giveaway soon…
  • And click an ad if you want
  • I’m off to shower… 
I’m not even sorry.

I’m not even sorry.

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  • i was gonna do homework
  • but then i decided to watch old charlieissocoollike videos

 Oh, the red hair <3. Why did you remind me, I was going to do homework, too…

I see all these pictures of my friends (together) on Facebook from this weekend and tonight


and I’m like… okay, I was clearly not invited.

and it makes me quite sad.

that I was either forgotten or intentionally not invited.

 Happened to me too… :(

You know it’s afternoon in Europe…


When all you see on your dashboard are your own posts.

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